My work makeup bag

All my work skincare and makeup in one bag- it really does fit

I have a day job! I know, right? It’s hard to believe that with the amount of obsessive banter on forums, posts on Instagram and lets not even get to my safari search history. Let’s just say that Cult Beauty is my porn.

Anyway, I’m digressing…again! What I was trying to say was that going to office is my daily reality. I do really love my day job, but it’s as far removed from the beauty-sphere as can be possible. And I must admit that sat at my desk I still  make sure I have a few essentials that help me get through the day, either because of their functionality or just because… These can take me from day to dusk (should the occasion present itself; which must be said is usually, never. I come home, pick my kids up, down half a bottle of Pinot and its bed!)

What I end up carrying is far more than I actually need, but in true Girls Scout Code, I’m always prepared.


In my little Nuxe travel makeup bag

I always have my Charlotte Tilbury Instant look in a palette in Beauty Glow (which has three eye shades, a cheek blush, a highlight pan and a contour shade) this is the perfect colour way for my complexion, but I do hope that Charlotte Tilbury brings out another colour way for more tanned skins as the contour is just barely noticeable on me. A more deeper toned complexion would struggle to use the contour shade. (Just a humble suggestion Miss CT:))

My current fave face product for travel touch ups is my trusty Bobbi Brown skin foundation stick,(shade 4.5 for those who want to know) this is portable and melts on contact with your fingers so you can touch up minute areas seamlessly. Its solid, so no spills plus its near impossible not to find shade for everyone. (This inclusiveness makes my heart sing with joy, thank you BB for paving the way and making a point. See… beauty can make a political statement and be functional. )

I usually throw in two lip products, one is Glossier Generation G Lippie, my current fave being Zip, which is a beautiful red, but is quite sheer and incredibly moisturising. This feels more like a lip balm. I also always have MAC’s Ruby Woo in my clutch, because one never knows when the occasion demands a red lip, it could be power meeting you’re suddenly expected to chair (and need the makeup equivalent of dutch courage) or after works drink date (and want to va-va voom your work outfit) either way I take my Ruby woo everywhere. She is my BFF.

I always have a sunscreen spray with me. This cheap as chips one from Garnier(Senstived advanced hydrating mist) packs a hefty factor 50 SPF in. Why do I carry one? Because it’s 2018, and the need for SPF has been established. We. Must. All. Use, and reapply. This can be applied on top of makeup and is hydrating too, which makes it a winner in my books.

I have an eye pencil, usually in dark brown ( Invasion by Urban Decay, and Charlotte Tilbury’s Barberella Brown are great) I find it less harsh than black for a daytime look, but also its a great touch up for eyebrows (should there be some fading).

A travel sized version of masacara, I always seem to have Estee Lauder Sumptuous Knockout lying around. This does what it says on the tin, can be layered on what you already had on this morning and doesnt leave me panda eyed.

A purse perfume, my favourite is (now sadly discontinued) Mary Greenwell’s perfume in Plum, its feminine without being sickly and overpowering. Travallo do great decanter bottles (which at the time of writing are £7 odd on Amazon) and you can spray your favourite perfume right into the dinky little bottle. My only request is to please be mindful of your colleague’s airspace and choose your fragrance with consideration.

A small bottle of moisturiser ( I love the dinky Olay day cream, spf 15 is a bonus) I usually also dab this round the eyes to perk the area around the skin up, this happens to coincide with the 4 pm blues. Much less calorific than an Oreo cookie.

A folding toothbrush, small tube of toothpaste and a breath mint spray.  Smelling that Ploughman’s Salad that you had for lunch is the fastest way to make friends and influence colleagues; NOT!

Some TeePee brushes or floss; many a good meeting has been ruined by the sight of spinach on teeth.

Body shop hand sanitiser, offices are germ ridden places, the need for one isn’t up for question so much as why I reach for this one above all else. It doesnt leave that chemical, alcohol after taste if you licked your fingers. ( What? Don’t say that you don’t do this…)

Bioderma Sensabio Micellar water which is infinitely kinder to the skin than the kindest face wipe out there. With a trusty Q tip, it will get rid of any smudges, makeup mistakes or even remnants of salad dressing.( Been there, done that, still doing it)

Q-tips and deodorant wipes( self explanatory and so good for wiping hands too…use a diffrent one for each purpose please) .



I know it sounds like a lot, but all except the sunscreen fits in the bag, and I can always be ready to go from desk to dinner to date night or in my case from desk to collapsing on the sofa and watching Netflix.

What do you carry? Do let me know, Love Elle x

Note of disclaimer: All opinions are my own, I have no affiliations with any company, there are no affiliate links on this post and all products are purchased with my own money . Please check ingredients list of all products that you buy, in case you have allergies to any of the products that I mentioned. If you are particularly sensitive or even if you’re not, allergies can happen suddenly, even with products that you have used for years. If unsure, please do a patch test on your elbow, and wait 48 hours before using any of the products I’ve suggested. Please do not copy, publish any photos on this blog or contents in its entirety or otherwise without my express permission.

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