Mum on the run? How to maintain your champagne skincare routine (on a lemonade timescale)


I’m perennially rushing around to get a gazillion tasks done in the
morning, and I would love to have a great 10-step skincare routine.
However, I barely have ten seconds to breathe, let alone lovingly pat my face with the essence of a million roses, and gently massage a cream that has the whisper of a dozen unicorns…

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So here I am rushing about trying to get my kids dressed, breakfasts ready, fed and cleared. Not to mention try to get myself to look halfway human. My A.M routine is pared down and also in bits and pieces. Does this seem familiar?

Ok, here it is, warts (metaphorical of course 😉 ) and all.


1) Alarm goes off, I wake up, shut off the alarm, hoping it is Saturday (no such luck), hop out of bed and wash my face with a cream cleanser. (Like the No 7 beautiful cleansing balm from Boots £9.50 but always on offer and use those coupons, The Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser £15 ,or my new favourite: the Aldi Lacura Hot cloth cleanser £3.99, this is…how do I say this the identical twin to a famous cleanse and polish brand which set off the trend of using muslin cloths; even though said cleanser was not the first in the market to use a muslin cloth system…Clue: the brand rhymes with ~Miss Pearl)

I brush my teeth for two minutes, whilst my face dries.


2) Then I use a Glycolic toning pad (for ease of use, Nip& Fab are great(£6.45 currently here but I’ve always seen an offer on these, and the new Aldi Lacura glycolic pads £2.49 which look nothing like the Nip+Fab pads 😉 (I use this every other day, if unsure start once a week and build it up)

Glycolic acid works to exfoliate the face by using a chemical liquid to gently slough off the dead top layers of skin, giving you, glowing brighter skin. (Please let me know in comments, if you want me to talk about Glycolic acid and I’ll ensure that I write about this later) I use one side of the pad for one side of the face, and the second side for the other half of the face in a quick swipe. Whatever is left, goes down the neck and to the décolletage. As Caroline Hirons says…take it to the tits.


3) It’s at this time that I go downstairs, get the kids’ cereal sorted and let the Glycolic sink in. (takes about ten minutes, in the middle of which they’d have a massive fight resulting in tears, uh, oh) I holler at the kids to finish their Weetabix…put the kettle on and soak two teabags in an attempt to make a massive mug of tea. I gently remind, (ok, yell at the warring twins about hurrying up and getting changed). All the while running up and madly trying to mist my face with either Superdrug’s B range Hyaluronic Acid spritz( currently £3.95 – check for BOGOF offers as these keep popping up, this one is also great for the handbag) or Superdrug’s Vitamin E mist (£2.99 currently and there’s always offers). I do this so that I can give my dehydrated face a moisture sandwich. Only to rush back downstairs as I’ve remembered that I have yet to make the actual lunchbox sandwiches.

(Note to self- do it the night before) (Another note to self, make sure you take heed of previous note and not ignore it like you have done for the last five years)


4) In between all this malarkey, I’m manically trying to put on my work clothes, whilst attempting to put on my Vitamic C serum( some of which, inevitably gets rubbed onto my shirt collar…Great! Now I’ve to use a face wipe to get this off; only reason to ever use wipes to be honest, this or wiping the sink. I’m using this one Vitamin C spheres 23% by the Ordinary £4.90 which requires a bit of massaging to dissolve the vitamin c granules, this is gritty and you need to leave it for a few minutes, or alternatively use this oil; Balance cosmetics Active formula £.2.99 on Amazon.  The time this cream/oil takes to sink in fully (5-7minutes tops) is enough for me to frantically pop my head out of the bedroom door…gently remind ( cough…alright yell, ear splittingly at ) the kids to make sure they haven’t forgotten to brush their teeth, wash their faces, make their beds, worn tIMG_4080IMG_4076IMG_4075

5) I pop back to my vanity and then depending on how my skin is behaving that day, I’ll go for a light Hydrating serum (Superdrug Pure range does a great hydrating one is nearly always on offer and even if its not, the full priced version is about £3.99 and is highly raved about by Sali Hughes, its either this or HadaLabo Gokujyun premium Hyaluronic Acid serum between £10.33-£10.39; its a massive bottle which will last me till I’m 90 I’m sure! Yes… saying the name of the serum takes longer than the time it takes for this serum to penetrate your skin.)This usually takes about a few seconds, unfortunately wrangling with my tights doesn’t.


6) Anyway somehow tights are on, and I’ve managed to wipe the Vitamin c stains off my shirt, and I’m onto my next step of the routine…the moisturiser. But of course my kids sense that I’ve been gone a while.( 5 minutes is a millennium in their heads obviously ) and decide to murder each other, all I can hear is shouts of Mummmmmmmmmyyyy. Do I ignore them and pamper myself, or break up the fight? Urm choices, choices…anyway I decide to step in…one hand dipped in in moisturiser, which I end up smearing all over my battling kids. This breaks that up immediately…hmm moisturiser should be standard regulation weapons issued to the riot control police.

If I’m feeling dryer than usual, I go for Weleda skin food, (£6 at the time of checking) which is an absolute skin saviour. Thick, unctuous and sinks in quick. If I’m not feeling as dry, I love the Aldi Lacura Day Cream( it’s meant to the be a dupe of the La Prarie cream and is cheap as chips at £3.99) Any and all moisturisers from my previous post will do the trick here.


7) I take this stolen moment to do a quick face massage (upward motions remember!) and then throw on a sunscreen ( previous blogpost) and a lip balm ( I’m loving the Aldi Miracle cream £3.99 which is a fantastic dupe of the iconic 8 hour cream) I give this a few minutes to sink in. Wave at my face frantically and probably futilely, hoping for it to dry before I move on to my makeup routine, and/or I get a call from social services.

I hear no sounds from downstairs, and now I’m seriously worried that ‘Thing 1’ might have done some serious damage to ‘Thing 2’…I rush downstairs, only to find them doing some colouring (on a piece of paper, not my walls thankfully!)  also, I discover that the cup of tea…still languishing sadly in its water, which is now manky and cold and probably strong enough to grow hairs on my chest…Ah! the life of a mum, cold cups of tea and playing the referee, in between attempts to perfect a winged liner. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Love Elle xx

(For routines, I do not invent any of my own, I recommend that you read Caroline Hirons “Routines cheat sheets”, as it is futile to better something done so well. They are the Rolls Royce of routines. All I’ve done is added my two pennies, using affordable options.)
(Ps: All the products have been rigorously tested on me and I also love a champagne lifestyle but have  a lemonade budget this is why I’ve been using budget skincare for the last month, thanks to my friend JP( xxx) . And guess what? It’s just as good.( if not better).  I’ll just leave this little beauty by Aldi here.)


Note of disclaimer: All opinions are my own, I have no affiliations with any company, there are no affiliate links on this post and all products are purchased with my own money. If this was to change at any point, I will disclose this and it will not affect my opinion. Please check ingredients list of all products that you buy, in case you have allergies to any of the products that I have mentioned. Please do not copy, publish any photos on this blog or contents in its entirety or otherwise without my express permission.
PPS: Life got in the way of the blog, I promise to get more regular with my posts.


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