Seven things you DO NOT NEED to pack for a weekend away- lé beauté edition

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Apologies for a blog hiatus, I’ve been travelling…I have been active on Instagram though and I’d love for you see my daily exploits. You don’t need an Instagram account (though it would be handy) all you have to do is search for @itsellemelle .

Back to subject at hand…Yes you read it right, the title says it all.

I am very organised when it comes to long haul travel, I make detailed lists, I cross off items that I hadn’t used last year, I make capsule outfit multitasking lists. I mean my lists have lists.

But give me a two day or a mini break and my brain goes in to overdrive, and turns to scrambled eggs. I present to you…Exhibit A:

Suitcase for one person; 3 days
This was mostly full of beauty products

So after scrambling through many a weekend trip (often lugging an extra large, unwieldy suitcase up spirally European suitcases many a time…chivalry is dead my friends 😦 ) I’ve realised that packing for a weekend break is a completely different ball game to my long haul holidays.

And after much thinking (and fuelled by many a sangria) I’ve compiled a list, here are 7 things you definitely don’t need to pack:


It’s an extended weekend, and if it’s not a surprise getaway and you get to plan it right… go to the hairdressers and have the full works done. This should see you through a weekend usually. I mean those hairdressers are surely magicians really? If you are the kind who doesn’t wash your hair every day, this should see you through a weekend quite happily (with a little help from your friend Batiste…travel size please)

If you really cannot get by without washing your hair everyday, G.I.F– google is your friend, research your neighbourhood drugstores, supermarkets, Sephora’ s etc and make that your first pit stop in your trip. (The family will complain, meh what do they know. Your hair will look awesome and that’s all that matters) You will also end up finding little treasures in foreign lands that you cant get over in your home country…I always do so you never know!


Ok, so I’m making assumptions here

  • You are not going camping
  • This is not wartime
  • Most wayside inns even, provide shower gel etc etc. If its soap…and looks opened…bin it. Refer to step1 and get the hell out of there…if they can’t even provide you clean (read unused) soap, I hope your faith in humanity finds a way to stay intact my friends that’s all I have to say…

But shower gel, unless you absolutely have to use a particular gel (medical or you just have discerning tastes) you can get by with the hotel one ( some hotels depending on your level of poshness stock stuff like sanctuary spa and cowshed products too…so you just never know right?)


If you are a lipstick fiend and love your lippies ( I mean I have a few in every handbag),  this can be the hardest thing to for you to do. I know, but breathe, we can do it.

You need a nude ( peachy or pinky depending on how you’re feeling ) and a classic red/Dark plum this totally depends you. You have a choice of formula; solid or liquid or  even a stick formula. I use my lipsticks as multitasker for lips and cheeks, I love Nudestiks for this as they are multipurpose and the tin comes with a convenient mirror and a sharpener.(not shown in the picture)


Ok, we let’s get real here. Who has the time? You’re on a mini break, for a reason.  Leave the elaborate, blended shadows for when you want to play makeup artist (MUA) or for weddings/bar mitzvahs etc…or if you’re like me…never,  as I dont have the skills nor the patience. (There are millions of YouTube videos on how to do a smokey eye, so if you want to perfect your skills…it’s a good place to look)

For a two day break however, I’d recommend a neutral chocolate shadow pencil and your job’s a good ‘un.


I did this. I packed four cleansers ( ok I lie…five!) for a two day trip

  • One balm cleanser (essential)
  • One face wash (second cleanse/ AM cleanse)
  • An AHA/BHA cleanse( not essential at all… my face will survive and did survive two days without acids Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Beta Hydroxy Acid)
  • A mud cleanser ( Don’t even ask)
  • An oil cleanser ( in case the balm didn’t work was my thought process, but all it did was create an oil spill. DO NOT TRY THIS…)

Moral of the story is, if you’re going for a mini break, you really need at the very most two. Actually you can get by with just  one – A  balm will suffice. Your face will still be there where it is, it won’t fall off , as long as you cleanse throughly ( which you should be doing anyway). You really need a flannel  (most inns even, provide this ) massage the balm the first time, to take off  your makeup/SPF etc. Then again a second time again to cleanse your face. Your face should pass the white towel test. If it doesn’t… repeat the process till it does.


CTM: Cleanse, tone, Moisturiser… I will be talking about this in another post very soon, but for now take me at my word… please only carry your cleanser, and a good moisturiser ( I always find that when I travel to other climates, whether it is the weather change or the water, my skin tends to get extra dry) so a good moisturiser is fantastic and I add a hyaluronic acid serum for extra measure. Count the items: that is three items. A tinted moisturiser, even better a stick foundation for the day time (if you feel like it)…but you certainly don’t need an array of foundations etc etc. Also an emergency spot stick is a good idea , again for those pesky spots that have the potential to ruin your holiday. I prefer those acne hydrocolloid stickers, but whatever floats your boat…they are usually quite petite and fit into the smallest of bags. A lipbalm…I recommed packing one with SPF so that kills two birds with one stone. I carried 20 different oils, serums, moisturisers, lotions and potions…


One for your face, and one for your body, that’s it. I tend to carry a spray spf only because I wear tinted moisturiser…but as long as you reapply your regular every two hours (please read the post on sunscreens on my blog…) you should be good with two (and a spray okay, okay three) you definitely do not need to carry as many as I did. You can even find formulas that cater to the face and the body. That would reduce your total items even further, please don’t ask the number of sunscreens I took with me… it’s now starting to get embarrassing. No really, it is.

It all fits in with extra spare room

So to sum it all for a short mini break (less than 5 days) ideally one should carry:

  • One cleanser ( a balm is most preferred)
  • A good heavy duty moisturiser ( one that you’ve used before. Don’t try new stuff on holidays) ideally one like Steam cream which can be used on the face and the body. a hydrating serum booster for those days when your skin needs some extra extra( OPTIONAL)…
  • An SPF for the face one for the body, you can get one that doubles up as both. ( SPF spray that can double up as a hydrating, setting mist is a lovely extra to have- I use one by LRP or Coola ({not pictured})
  • A foundation sticks for ease of use, and its no spill nature. ( I use a Beauty Blender  which I wrap in the tiny little feminine hygiene bags (you get in hotel bathrooms) on the travel back so as to keep it as hygienic as possible till i can get back and clean it properly with my Daiso blender soap)
  • A pressed powder that you can use on top, a damp beauty blender to apply it works a charm.
  • Acne concealer stick/Hydrocolloid plasters for spots( optional… not pictured I use cosrx patches or clearasil spot treatment.
  • A eyeshadow pencil(or two ) you can double up as a kohl pencil, if that’s your jam, a mascara of your preference, and if you have sparse brows; a brow pencil…
  • Two chubby lip pencils- one dark and one more nude; they double up as a blusher too, you can use the precise nib of the darker one for a subtle contour.
  • An optional extra is a bit of illumination, again a stick illuminator is perfect.
  • deodorant
  • Optional: Not pictured Dry Shampoo
  • a small travel size spray of your favourite scent
  • a hand sanitiser

(Those marked in italics are optional extras in my books obviously we all have slightly different choices)

Moral of the story here… Treat this list as a guideline, you choose your products , chop and change what works for you…but if it’s bigger than one medium size makeup bag…then you need to rethink your choices.

Try more solid as opposed to liquid formulas to avoid spillage and have fun with it and your holiday without stressing too much about things you may have left behind/ not brought with you or missing your routine for a few days.

The routines will still be there when you get back. Hope that you’ve learnt from my mistakes, and have had a few giggles along the way.

Do let me know in comments what you would add in your holdall for a mini break. I’d love to hear from you…Love Elle xx

Note of disclaimer: All opinions are my own, I have no affiliations with any company, there are no affiliate links on this post and all products are purchased with my own money . Please check ingredients list of all products that you buy, in case you have allergies to any of the products that I mentioned. If you are particularly sensitive or even if you’re not, allergies can happen suddenly, even with products that you have used for years. If unsure, please do a patch test on your elbow, and wait 48 hours before using any of the products I’ve suggested. Please do not copy, publish any photos on this blog or contents in its entirety or otherwise without my express permission.

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