Mini Review: CBeautyDifferently CBD oil (PR sample)

CBD Enriching oil

WHAT IS CBD? Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most prevalent chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. Unlike the more famous molecule, tetrahydrocannabinol(THC), CBD is completely non-psychoactive. So don’t worry you are not going to get High with this 🙂 It is completely non addictive and legal  🙈. The health benefits of CBD have been well documented; taken mainly in oil form;

CBD has been used by cancer patients, along with those afflicted with motor disorders, epilepsy and lupus. Another key benefit of CBD is its anti- inflammatory properties making it an ideal component for skincare.

NAME: CBeautyDifferently a new innovative natural beauty brand founded by Marisa Lea and Sharon Reid, have launched three CBD infused products.

CBD has to be beauty’s latest high( see what I did there?) its the buzziest skincare ingredient of the year, it’s been around in the USA for a good year now, but it’s only just made its way across the pond.

Price: £20-£48 (££ Well priced for the quality of ingredients and the fact that you are not getting a mass produced product, I’d categorize it as mid ranged skincare.)

 Range: CBeautyDifferently has a lovely curated range of 5 oils. I was sent the Cannabalm for review ( £20 for 10 ml) they also have Escentual oil (£25 exactly like Cannabalm except that it has essential oils – there are three different variants of this) and CBD enriching oil( £48 contains Marula and CBD oil).

 ReviewCannabalm –derived from CBD Oil and Marula Oil – this ‘super’ oil contains 60% more antioxidants than Argan Oil and also reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Housed in a chic, roller bottle, this product has multi-uses: It can be used as a moisturiser on the face to plump up dry skin; to heal spots/acne; or simply roll a small amount on tension areas as an effective pain reliever.

Cannabalm Beauty Differently oil
Cannabalm Cbeauty Differently Oil

This is a very high quality oil, you only need the teeniest amounts.

Ingredients: It has three- Marula oil, Olive oil, CBD oil

Cruelty Free? It’s  Paraben, sulphate, phthalate, phosphate and gluten free, cruelty free, and suitable for vegans. All CBeautyDifferentlyproducts are said to be *natural and non-toxic, relaxing, with healing qualitiies and they also say that it has aphrodisiac qualities 😉

Final thoughts:

I was sent a sample of this, and this couldn’t have arrived at a better time. I was approaching ‘that time of the month’ and i could feel the hugest spot( or three) cropping up on my cheek. I dotted these at night, and I swear those spots not only reduced considerably ( to the point that they had practically disappeared) but there was also no itchiness( that I oddly seem to suffer with these spots, hence no residual scarring)

CBD oil is also known to be a tension reliever, I did warm a little in my palms ( less is more like they say) and it eased my cramps considerably ie- I didn’t need the nurofen this month! I can’t speak from my own experience as to it’s long term use ( as I haven’t used it for more than 30 days… but I’ve loved whatever effects thus far…three weeks of using it on my neck, and even for muscle soreness after the gym)

Will I repurchase?

Yes, and I plan to give the others in the range a try too! You can buy this from *

 About the CBeautyDifferently Founders:

 CBeautyDifferently was founded by long –term friends Marisa Lea and Sharon Reid who decided to launch a CBD infused beauty range after a rather spirited discussion centred around the healing properties of CBD oil. This has been much touted and studied in the USA…R&D shortly followed, and a small sample range was developed during mid –November 2017.

Marisa is a mother of 2 and a part time teacher, with an interest in natural skincare; this was due to being allergic to Lanolin an ingredient found in most skin and hair care products and having a son with eczema. As a result, Marisa has experimented with various oils and other natural ingredients; and thus co- releasing her own range of natural skincare.

Sharon, is the Lifestyle Editor at Mi Business Mag, an online business and lifestyle magazine.

Sharon’s CBD advocacy was ignited after her husband had used it after his second bout of surviving cancer. Sharon used a tiny amount of her husband’s CBD oil on a spot after reading about the anti- inflammatory properties, the following morning her spot had significantly reduced and disappeared altogether after two days! Sharon reported this skincare breakthrough to Marisa – this was the catalyst for the aforementioned spirited CBD discussion, and the ‘birth’ of CBeautyDifferently.

The reason behind the name CBeautyDifferently:

 The ‘C’ is a reference to CBD the key product ingredient, also to CBeautyDifferently, is to embrace difference which ties in with the current beauty diversity movement.

In addition, with a combined age of 98! Both Marisa and Sharon are firm believers in ageing healthily as opposed to ‘anti-ageing’ they rely instead on the CBeautyDifferently range to help maintain, their glowing, radiant, complexions!

Have you tried CBD? What are your thoughts about it?~Love Elle xx

Note of disclaimer: All opinions are my own, I have no affiliations with any company, there are no affiliate links on this post pr samples have been kindly gifted by the company, but this has not affected my opinion, nor swayed it . Please check the ingredients list of all products that you buy, in case you have allergies to any of the products that I have mentioned. If you are particularly sensitive or even if you’re not, allergies can happen suddenly, even with products that you may have used for years. If unsure, please do a patch test on your elbow, and wait 48 hours before using any of the products I’ve suggested. Please do not copy, publish any photos on this blog or contents in its entirety or otherwise without my express permission.

*Benefits of CBD:

  • is said to relieve pain and Inflammation
  • is said to reduce Anxiety
  • may help relieve Nausea
  • may treat seizures and Other Neurological Disorders
  • is said to promote Cardiovascular Health 

**Benefits of Marula Oil:

  • is said to help promote smooth skin
  • Contains vitamin E, essential amino acids and flavonoids
  • is said to fight signs of premature ageing
  • can help prevent & treats various skin conditions
  • can help heal chapped lips
  • Contains oleic acid, which can help protect the hair and skin against the environment






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