New style rules for people who are 30 and over

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The Fashion industry has always been the preserve of the very young and the very skinny… the fashion police haven’t gotten the memo that 40 is the new 30…Obviously! So it got me thinking, after walking into a very trendy store yesterday , that nothing in the shop suited me ( oh it fit me, just didn’t suit me), and yet I wasn’t ready for Saga Holidays nor Catalogue clothing either. ( QVC… I’ll keep you though ūüėČ )

So, after soul searching and getting asked by countless friends questions about pretty much the same thing, I realised that this is a thing. A real worry, we are either young and trendy or “old” and dowdy. And by old I ¬†mean anyone who’s 30 and over…ok rant over. So what are the new Style mantra’s ? I’m not a stylist by profession, nor am I qualified in anyway to dole out advice. But as a keen consumer, I am in a better position I think to make a list. So that’s exactly what I did…

I thought I would list the old rules vs my take on it now…


  • Old rule: Women over a certain age must hide their knees…
  • New idea: This rule needs to take a hike, because new age women are fitter and healthier and don’t give a damn about rules, schmooles.


  • Old Rule: Show the legs or the chest but not both.
  • New Idea: (newish)… there’s some truth to this, to an extent, if your skirt is just skimming that derriere, its called a belt, and we have bigger issues than skirt length or style rules girlfriend( eyeroll). ¬†But a classy bit of skin, think Parisian loose men’s shirts buttoned just so, over just above the knee minis, with ankle boots…


  • Old Rule: Women of a certain age must hide their arms.
  • New Idea: Utter tosh. You do you…and whilst you’re there tear up the rule book please!


Dame Helen Mirren, Dame Vivienne Westwood, Iris Apfrel, Maye Musk- Ladies who are rocking it: Not a mutton in sight!
Ladies who are rocking it: Not a mutton in sight! ( Image courtesy : Google)

These women are some of the very many out there who’ve broken ¬†the rule book, and everytime I see a lady ( of a certain age, oh how I hate that term, but you know what I mean) with pizzazz, I make sure I walk up to her and tell her that. Here’s my two penneth, wear what feels comfortable, wear what you want… don’t hold back¬†and don’t feel pressured to look and be a certain way. Oh and flip a birdie to the haters. #YOLO isn’t just for the millennials you know.

I’d love to know your thoughts about this:) ¬†Elle xx

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