MAC vs Dior – who won the foundation war?

MAC Face and Body and Dior Face and Body

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MAC vs Dior a Foundation War?

Foundation wars have existed forever. Brands launch a new foundations and then very soon after other brands follow suit. But MAC face and Body is an icon it was and is a game changer. There had never been any other product like it. It is in every makeup artist, beauty aficionado’s arsenal forever, till a few months ago. Dior Backstage face and body range  liquid foundation and a can of spray foundation burst into the scene. Immediately it felt like the swords were drawn, and before I could say Bob’s your uncle it was an all out Foundation war. Albeit a civilised one. So Mac vs Dior,  the foundation war. Who won?

Mac Face And Body Foundation:

MAC Face and Body in shade 3N

  • This is an icon and a well deserved one at that.
  • It comes in two sizes 50ml, 70ml.
  • The bottle is a transparent plastic one, with a nozzle type applicator.
  • It is light, with a sheer, liquidy texture ( compared to other foundations). In texture it feels more like a tint. However that’s where the resemblance ends.
  • The Face and Body is buildable and comes in 13 shades.
  • This seems like a ridiculously small number when you look at MAC’s other offerings of nearly 45 shades.
  • The reason for this is clear, it’s sheer enough, that one shade can suit a few skin tones. It’s buildable to the coverage you need. But it’s not just the shade that can be built up… there are cool and warm undertones in the tonal offerings.
  • MAC face and body is true to its name, it has been used on the body by Makeup Artists, Models, Actresses and us mere mortals. Long before body makeup was in fashion, or photoshop was de rigeur, this was used on the body to hide scars, imperfections etc.
  • What makes it such a cult favourite that it’s multipurpose. This makes it cost effective. Which is never a bad thing 🙂
  • There is one thing that needs to be said of MAC  F&B, it’s known to go off quicker than normal. So if it’s only for occasional use, I would go for the smaller size.
  • Whilst I am talking about usage, I feel the need to mention that when I am building coverage up layer by layer, I have to be patient. By this I mean that, I usually wait a few minutes before I apply layer 2, and so on and so forth.
  • If I rush the application, it tends to get tacky and greasy looking.
  • It is great for special event photography. It doesn’t contain any SPF and  there is no danger of flashback. It is what makeup artists always keep in their kit for this very reason.

 Dior Backstage Face and Body:

Dior Face and Body Foundation in 3w
  • The Dior Face and Body is the new comer at the party.
  • It is touted to be a contender to MAC face and Body foundation.
  • The range comes in a mind boggling 40 shades, it caters to all shades and undertones too.
  • The bottle is transparent and plastic, it has a luxe silver cap.
  • The Dior foundation has a more foundation like feel, to me, it doesn’t feel as sheer as the MAC Face & Body.
  • It has a lot more pigment, so I do think whilst it says its Face and Body (not tested on the latter to comment on its efficacy on this matter.)I wouldn’t personally go for more than 2 layers on my skin.
  • The foundation claims to be waterproof and sweat resistant so its great for event photography, though I must warn you that it rubbed off where I wore my glasses.
  • Too many layers of this and unlike the MAC, this looks cakey. Done up even.
  • I love this as a foundation, and it is great as I can find my perfect shade and undertone in this extensive range.
  • However I treat this more as a foundation rather than a tinted buildable foundation which is its claim.
  • I really enjoy wearing this, it is a very good foundation, personally I didn’t find that it lived up to its claim.

So who won?

MAC face and body hands down. There is simply no competition. It is an icon for a reason. Sorry Dior, you tried… but you can’t match this for its chameleon like properties. They are similarly priced ( around the £26 mark..I say around, as there are always flash sales on beauty sites). Both are brown girl friendly.

MAC F&B is sheer, buildable, it can be layered, it lives up to its name and hype. Congratulations MAC- this is a well deserved win.

What are your thoughts on both or either? Have you tried either of these? Which is your Holy Grail Sheer/Medium coverage foundation. Do let me know in comments please, I’d love to hear from you ~ Love Elle xx

NOTE OF DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own. I have no affiliations with any company, there are no affiliate links on this post and most of the products on here( full sizes ) have been purchased by me. If some samples are kindly gifted by a company, I will declare this. But this does not affect my opinion, nor sway it . Please check ingredients list of all products that you buy, in case you have allergies to any of the products that I have mentioned. Please know that allergies can happen suddenly, even with known products. If unsure, please do a patch test on your elbow, and wait 48 hours before using any of the products I’ve suggested. Please do not copy, publish any photos on this blog or contents in its entirety or otherwise without my express permission.

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2 thoughts on “MAC vs Dior – who won the foundation war?

  1. I adore Face and Body, it’s the one foundation that has been in my collection consistently over the years. I think a lot of people don’t know how to use it properly though as so many don’t like it, I didn’t until I learnt to buff it in (with a kabuki) until I felt the ‘slip’ stop! It almost changes consistency and then it’s at its best. Love the stuff though I only ever use a single layer as I prefer a light finish xxx


    1. I agree F&B is the best. Its true that most people use it like a regular foundation and hence it falls from grace. I must admit even I am learning some thing every time I use it. Im going to try the stippling with a kabuki brush too xxx thanks for the tip and comment hun xxx


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