My current obsessions- January 19 edit. Bloguary Day 3

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I thought I would do a monthly obsessions edit starting January 2019. This is all the things I enjoyed last month whether it was beauty, lifestyle, books ( ya get the drift 🙂 ) So, my January obsessions were:


A lineup of skincare used this month including the Nip+ Fab Body cream
January Skincare

I have been loving this body cream by Nip and Fab, Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Body Cream. The cold January winds, indoor heating and dipping temperatures make for flakey, dry skin. This cheap as chips body lotion has skin sloughing Glycolic acid, Lactic Acid and emollients. My skin feels the difference after one application, and regular use makes my body feel soft as a cloud.


Hourglass Ambient 4 Lighting Edit palette
Hourglass Ambient Lighting 4 Palette

I may stray far away from this, but it always comes trickling back into my life. Hourglass Powder in Dim light has been my go to for setting concealer. I have had a few pesky spots that left their mark (literally) And this powder sets beautifully without cakiness. My skin feels like skin. Glowing and radiant. Hourglass are known for their powders, so finely milled and beautiful. Well, pricey as they are- they are worth every penny. I do so adore it and will always recommend this over others. Always.


Shah's Of Sunset - A highly addictive reality show, set in LA featuring rich, spoilt, badly behaved people of Iranian origin
Shah’s of sunset on Hayu

Oh my. January has been the month I binge watched every episode of Shah’s of Sunset. How did I ever miss this show? Rich, Spoilt, Overly plastic Brown ” kids” who basically bitch fest their way into every conversation not to mention throw money like its confetti. In sunny LA no less. It made a dreary month not so dreary. I must say that I made the most of my HAYU ( Amazon Prime Video’s Reality Channel) subscription.


Little Fires Everywhere -Celeste NG
The Book that blew me away in January

Oh my. I read like it was going out of style. ( which sadly is true 😦 ) The books that stood out for me were Celeste NG’s Little Fires Everywhere; a fantastic whodunit tale written with such heart and easy readability. I read it( her second book is amazing too) and Bee Shapiro’s visual fest Skin Deep… Celeb’s and their skincare and beauty routines. I relished reading it and still pore over it constantly.


Outspoken Beauty podcast- this is now one of my favourite podcasts
Outspoken Beauty with the host Nicola Bonn.

I have loving the Outspoken Beauty Podcast. Radio Host Nicola Bonn is funny, chatty, has brilliant guests and there is so much beauty talk. Ah bliss is my only way to describe it. It makes the work commute something I look forward to. I recommended this podcast to a few friends, and they happen to feel the same way I do.


I actually loved compiling this list for Day 3 of Bloguary. After yesterday’s rather deep topic, I felt like keeping it easy for a Sunday morning 😉 I’d love to know what you have loved this month, have you tried anything on my list? I’d love to hear from you ~~ Love Elle xx

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  1. I love the Outspoken Beauty Podcast, and the Breaking Beauty one too. My favourite skincare item for the past few months has been the Pure Chimp facial oil, my skin is really dry and this oil is the only one I can use during the day, you can put makeup on over it and it doesn’t slide straight off xxx


  2. So totally agree : xx i love the chimp oil. definitely something that’s going in the Feb faves… love your suggestions @MAXANDELIZA lots of lv xxx


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