Bloguary – Day 1- The blurb

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Why Bloguary?

Basically because I started the blog with an idea of giving info about beauty products I love, a lineup of my faves, a travel diary, lifestyle etc. Plus this year I’m going to hit the big 4 OH. Its a journey into how I’m switching up my life, keeping check on those days when its just grand ( and the not so great ones) . A virtual conversation. ( i talk to myself all the time, so this is not that different is it? Or is it? The writer’s block I suffer, it’s in my head. So fingers to keyboard and chat it is 🙂

So What will you see here?

A lot of reviews on beauty and skincare…( but that was expected), a lot of lifestyle reviews too, a few travelogues, my monthly favourites, hopefully a dialogue between us, and a lot of it will be interspersed with a chats on mental health, emotional health, food( yum), fashion, from the perspective of ye ol me. A 39 year old, mum, wife, dog mum, daughter sister, friend and a huge Real Housewives superfan.


Anyway. I thought I’d introduce Bloguary , and can’t wait to chat tomorrow lovelies… Let me know if there’s something you’d love to see more of, less of, review. I’d love to hear from you- and remember: You are the light you shine. Happiness is not a given; you can make it a choice. ( a great segue into tomorrow’s chat 😉

Lots of love~~ Elle xx


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