My 5 Fave Stick cleansers. Bloguary Day 4

Top 5 Stick Cleansers

Ok, you caught me… I Love Cleansers

I have a thing for cleansers; of all kinds but my personal favourite seem to be stick cleansers at the moment. I don’t know why this is. Maybe its because no matter what happened in the day, washing my face makes me feeel calm. Or maybe its because washing my face in the morning is that step between malarking about at home and going out and conquering the world.

My fascination for stick cleansers:

Stick Cleansers are such a darling in the stash. What’s not to love really? Its a convenient travel friendly, TSA friendly ( no liquids remember?) They make a great no mess/ fuss option for beauty on the move. And since they don’t count towards your travel allowance, more room for foundations or face mist(s). Go on, now don’t be shy.

My top 5 stick cleansers

My picks:

  • Memebox Nooni Snow flake cleanser: This popular stick is affordable, and to my untrained nose; un fragranced. It is supposed to be all skin friendly. The soft texture of this stick cleanser means that I can run it onto slightly damp skin with no rubbing . There is little to no foam, and it leaves no greasy after feel. my skin feels soft and moisturised. This one does get my top star of the offerings rating.
  • Milk Matcha Cleanser The cult cool brand which is offering a lot of cool solutions in a stick form has obviously got a cleanser in their range. This lovely, cool feeling Matcha based cleanser is easily emulsifies with water on a damp face. Ergo no rubbing. I have the travel sized version of this (mini) and will happily repurchase the full sized one when I finish my stash.
  • Yes toCoconut Ultra Hydrating 2 in 1 cleanser stick    This is a mouthful of a name but it works simply, add water, emulsify, and it turns to milky lather. It does state that its an exfoliant, and there are some grainy bits in there. But the overall feeling is of gentle cleansing.
  • Simple Charcoal Cleansing Stick: This is a new offering from the drugstore brand Simple. And like all simple products sticks to its brand ethos. It does the job well, and a great one to take on your travels as its compact too. It’s worth bearing in mind however that whilst this stick ( indeed the whole range) is marketed at sensitive skins; its not fragrance free ( neither is the one above for that matter ) So do your due diligence when reading the ingredients list.
  • Francis Prescott Tri Balm: The most priciest of the lot at £45 this balm promises to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise. It seems to be a celeb/ influencer fave but to be honest it isn’t worth the pennies spent on it. Save your dosh peeps. It left a oil slick on my face after, which felt like a greasy after feel as opposed to feeling moisturised.

Where I recommend one use a stick cleanser:

  • As a first cleanse in the morning, or second in the evening ( most of them aren’t robust enough for taking heavy duty makeup off) if you’ve had a makeup free day or something.
  • During travelling, as they really come in to their own here. Move away liquid cleansers as stick cleansers take centre stage over here. You just need this and perhaps a balm cleanser decanted into a small pot and you’re good to go.
  • When you’re having a stay at someone else’s place and vanity space is at a premium. This is where a few discreet sticks of skincare is way way more effective than open tubs of clutter.

I really loved compiling this list. Have you tried a stick cleanser? Which ones are your favourites? If not, would this post compel you to try them out? Do let me know, I’d love to hear from you ~~ Love Elle xx


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