Top 5 non cheesy Valentines Gifts for your beauty nerd; Bloguary Day 7

people exchanging Valentines Gift

After the buzz, that is Christmas, it is presumptiius that celebrations die down. But no another Valentine’s Day is approaching , and I know that if any of these Gift ideas listed were to be given to me- I’d be a very happy camper indeed. These are beautiful, .) Here are my top 5 non cheesy gifts to get your other half, best mate or that beauty nerd in your life.

Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée- A Bathing Sensation with the cutest honey dipper. #lauramercier #honeybrulee #valentinesgift #beautygift

This is one heckuva gorgeous bottle, ( it now comes in a few variants) all with that signature honey dipper. It looks great by the bathtub. Also if you’re lucky you may get to share 😉 I’ve finished my bottle and this lasts for ages. My inner beauty nerd is always happy to see this bottle by my bathtub. It has the most gorgeous fragrance that whilst being singular and distinctive- doesn’t interfere with my perfume of the day.

  • Tom Ford Lipstick

To be honest, Tom Ford anything will be gratefully received. But if push came to shove… and budget is a consideration ( Tom Ford and budget do not go hand in hand…) The Tom For lipstick I’m lusting after? The Boys and Girls formula. For darker skins, Richard is a great shade. For paler ones- Graham. The formula is glide on, not matte but not shiny. And like all Tom Ford beauty, a thing of joy to behold. And highly pigmented.

  • Slip Pillowcase set

Every beauty lover worth their salt requires a silk pillowcase and eye mask. And slip is the pinnacle of pillowcases. There is a certain luxury to sleeping on silk pillows. Plus it reduces frizz, supposed to prevent wrinkles from forming and is very romantic 😉

  • Diptyque Candle
diptyque candle in the foreground

This is the ultimate in luxe for candles isn’t it? besides actually having a great burn time and fragrance. They make the house smell beautiful and and so expensive smelling

  • Frederic Malle Carnal Flower
Fredrix Malle Carnal Flower

Fredreirc Malle Carnal Flower, could a bottle be more appropos for the occasion? But it manages to be light and spicy at the same time. Definitely an evening perfume. One whiff and your dining companions are hooked for life.

If there’s anything SATC ( Sex and the City for the uninitiated) has taught us its

That you can celebrate Valentines regardless of your relationship status. I love treating my mum, sister, friends, my daughter too. After all, it all the People in our life eh?

On this note, I’d like to sign off. Oh do let me know what you buy and receive. Or just drop buy to say Hi. Love ~~ Elle xx


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