Clarins Beauty Flash Balm vs Aldi Dupe. Bloguary Day 8

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Ah the ” where grocery meets beauty” review or that Dupes of Hazard take. Which one is it? Clarin’s Beauty Flash Balm is a cult. There is no mistaking it. Those who love this will countenance no other. Aldi threw unmistakable shots in the dark when they came out with this special buy product. But Clarins Beauty Flash vs Aldi Beautifying Daily Balm? Who won?

A Clarins cult product, The Beauty Flash Balm is defined as the ultimate pick-me-up for tired skin, This is definitely Clarins best-selling radiant skin booster that claims to eliminate signs of fatigue in a flash. It instantly moisturises, brightens and claims to tighten facial contours so tired skin looks rested and relaxed. Whilst it’s face lifting properties are definitely a claim ( witch hazel is an ingredient that is also known for its astringent properties.) it does has a soft pink pearlised effect. Ie- candlelit effect mixed with pink pearly light. Think the best of both. Even if it does nothing in terms of lighting for people, there are people who love it as a primer. ( a very small category of people say it pills, but again herein lies the dichotomy of beauty. Not everything is for everyone. It is also very clearly specified to be applied not rubbed into skin. And is also a suggested mask (though I’m not entirely sure what its role is? Hydrating?)

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and Aldi's Lacura Beautifying Daily Balm

Beauty Flash Balm and Me

This was one of the first skincare items I bought, way before I was “into” skincare. Hence, I’ve a special sentimental attachment to Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. For me way back, before kids permanently attached themselves to my dark circles and added greys like bean sprouts, this was the balm that did it all. Its pearlised colour cancelled my pallor ( though who was I kidding, I was in the bloom of youth!) Then came kids…twins. Oh my. Sleepless nights? Check. Hormone Surges? Check. Pores the size of a small continent ? Check, Check, Check! And somewhere in the mayhem of new motherhood, I forgot about this gem. Three years ago, I got this in a Boots Gift With Purchase. And suddenly, just like it disappeared, The Beauty Flash reappeared in a Flash ( see what I did there?) only now, it served as a greatly appreciated primer and balm for my tired, dehydrated skin. I looked Semi Human. Near-normal. Less reptilian. I still always have a tube with me. It serves me greatly during long flights and post girls-nights out. So when Aldi, the German supermarket brand came out with this dupe, I was clearly more than intrigued. I pressed Pre-order.

Laura Beautifying Daily Balm

At first (and second and third ) glance(s) it looks unmistakably like the BF balm. To be honest it would be hard to differentiate it in a lineup. So when it arrived in the post ( pre order remember?) I was shocked at just how “similar” it was. There was no mistaking Aldi’s intention with this. None whatsoever. So it is a very similar white tube, with the iconic red and white coloured top and red writing. But more importantly how does it fare?

Aldi Dupe and me

It is described by Aldi as a light day cream to “help even out one’s skin tone and prevent shine without using make-up”. The Lacura Beautifying Daily Balm claims to support skin’s natural radiance so that one is left feeling fabulous all day long? (Not sure what how this claim is supported but it is a face cream so lets just go along with the claim shall we?).

It features

  • Glycerine to instantly moisturise skin
  • Sea Algae and Witch Hazel extract to revitalise, smooth and reduce signs of tiredness
  • Natural Rice Powder to mattify oily skin
  • Bisabolol to help support skins natural radiance
  • Cruelty free

So Clarins Beauty Flash and the Aldi Beautifying Daily balm contain Witchhazel that causes the “tightening” astringent effect. And both contain Rice Powder which brightens and mattifies. My personal experience with the Aldi Beautifying balm has been really great. My skin doesn’t know one from the other, so the fact that Lacura Beautifying daily Balm is less than 1/2 the price of the Original Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is simply a case of a fabulous price and a great saving. Plus for those who are aiming to go Cruelty Free with their Beauty; Skincare and Makeup. Lacura Beautifying Balm is Cruelty Free, whereas the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is not.

Morality of Dupes

Dupes in skincare have been around for years. The Aldi Lacura range has been especially under fire lately for apeing the packaging of a few well known brands. ( La Prarie Skincare, Benefit Hoola, Glamglow cleanser ). A lot of Skincare influencers were morally outraged. As were many others. Now a huge chunk of the population were obviously not, ( evidence? The range sold out before it hit the stores. It never made the stores…unless you were very very lucky or lived in an area with no people.) I am amongst the latter. I vote with my wallet and the ” dubious” thin lines on which Skincare dupes fall honestly does not fall on my to be bothered by list. I wish I really cared about it muchly. But the pockets of big corporations ( not a conspiracy theorist here) being dinted doesn’t bother me.

So …

I can safely say that I love the Lacura Dupe trumps the Clarins original Beauty Flash Balm if only for the price and its Cruelty Free tag. My only regret is that this is a special buy ( and once gone is gone 😦 Maybe if we collectively petitioned Aldi? The “copycat aspect of this product doesn’t bother me. How do you feel about this, Have you tried either of these offerings?

I would love to hear from you ( and for more of this and other reviews, or musings do subscribe to my blog) ~~ Love Elle xx




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