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Hey y’all…apologies for the long quiet. I was busy with work, but less of that. I’m baaaaack! Clinique refurbished their counter at House Of Fraser in Meadowhall and Helen who works there invited me to trial their signature bespoke facial last Friday, which included a neck and shoulder massage. And my response? Is the Pope Catholic? Is the 3 step regime awesome? Can I stop wittering on forever? Yessss obviously, yes!

I arrived 15 minutes early for my appointment and was shown to my treatment room, which was simply yet tastefully decorated and had a lovely light swing music playing. I really hate the faux Japanese pipe Muzak spa’s tend to play. Can they please stop with that? And whilst we are there, can spa’s also stop asphyxiating us with heavy scented candles and reed diffusers please? Mercí…

Collage of Pictures of the treatment products, used in order, Image of moisture surge products I love and use, Picture of the door to the room, and products used in order.
When good things come in Clinique sized packaging

Anyway I digress, so my lovely facialist Helen talked me through the procedure and got on with the massage. All the while answering my questions, I think, no I know I’m not a quiet client. I love a good chat, and Helen was lovely. ( I do think we set the world to rights…)

My favourite Clinique moisture surge products in one frame

Helen took the time to ask me about my daily routine, the products I use, and then ensured that she used products tailored to my skin. (A hallmark of a good, thorough facialist). I love a good, firm massage, and Helen has great technique. I mean I was floating on air afterwards! The Bespoke Age smart range ( serum and Oil) was used at the end, and Helen ensured that Hydration was the key focus of my massage. Though it was half an hour, it felt neither rushed nor long. I got some great tips from Helen and the top three tips I learnt were :

  • Exfoliation is lovely, but take a week off and use non actives for a week and a sleep mask on those nights to give your skin a break.
  • Store eye cream in your fridge, so you remember to use it when you put on your kettle for a cuppa in the morning.
  • Massage your orbital bone right uptown your temple when applying eye cream, this drains the lymph gland in the nasal area. ( said to help in depuffing the area)

My overall experience has been very, very positive and I’m not just saying this because this was complimentary. In fact, there was zero pressure to write about this. Which makes such a refreshing change, and shows Clinique for the class brand that they are. And Helen for the lovely act that she is. There was zero pressure to buy anything… and no oversell. Helen is warm and the entire team at Clinique in Meadowhall are just very lovely. They are happy to answer questions and talk you through the products at hand. You really need to try their Bespoke Facial for yourself. I couldn’t recommend this enough to be honest, especially for those who have been scarred by previous counter staff experiences. Go to Clinique in House of Fraser Meadowhall, and ask for Helen . Tell her I sent you.

{ A Bespoke Clinique Facial is £10 to book, but is redeemable against any purchase. I was kindly gifted this facial, and would like to stress that my opinions have not been swayed. The review is mine and mine alone, and has not been affected by this.}

My favourite Clinique moisture surge products in one frame
My favourite Clinique moisture surge products in one frame – do please feel free Pin it and tag me xx

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