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Hey, I am so grateful for the amount of messages I’ve been getting about my list compilations. So I thought that I should talk about my fave beauty category… Those who know me- know that whilst I’m always on the lookout for the next skincare holy grail… but a beauty gadget always excites me. Some would even call me a marketer’s dream. However- these beauty gadgets that I’m mentioning are definitely tried and tested. So if you or someone in your life are beauty tool/gadget magnets- this list contains the best, tested, tried and true tools/gadgets you need. 

  1. Duo Lab System from £159 on Duolab here ( not an affiliate link and also they have the Klarna option in case this helps)

A game-changing personalised skincare device. Think Nespresso and its capsule system, but in a skincare form. How it works: You basically take active serum capsule and a base cream capsule. Insert it into the device- shown as above. And after a few minutes- you get a freshly prepared day or night cream to use. Now they suggest using the entire amount then and there. But your girl never follows rules. So I decant it in a small opaque pot and use the same cream at night. It is far too much to use in one sitting. And I’m not one to waste expensive skincare. So whether it’s changeable weather, work schedule or hormones, you can now adapt your skincare to match your daily life. It is indeed a  revolutionary skincare system that allows you tailor your own product formulation on a daily basis.

If you buy the Discovery set- you get a machine, 14 base and active capsules to start you off. complementary Discovery capsules along with your choice of a DUOLAB Smart Skincare device for an exclusive introductory price of £159 with code code DISCOVERY at checkout. I can’t be without mine and I’ve put the travel case on my Christmas list. Hurry down the chimney!

2. Beglow Tia all in one sonic skincare system £99.50 on Be-glow here (this is a festive season discount -its usually £199 also this is not an affiliate link)

BeGlow’s Tia’ system is the first of its kind – this facial device effectively cleanses, firms and contours all at once. It generates low-to-high frequency pulsations that can be controlled depending on your preferred treatment and comes with an easy-to-clean, silicone brush head that’s entirely replaceable to avoid acne-causing bacteria from forming. Because unlike a cleansing brush- this is extremely gentle and the facial massage is glorious.

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • SkinSense Technology activates gentle yet powerful pulsations to remove dirt and grime
  • Dual-Pulse Technology triggers stronger pulsations to help refine cheekbones and improve the jaw line
  • Place in the freezer before use to enhance treatment

A single charge can last me upto 6 months! And it supercharges any cleanser and serum you use.

3. Glitztech sculpting face roller £54 on Glitztoy here (not an affiliate link)

With the K beauty wave now firmly in our skincare lexicon, A roller massage tool is now seen in practically every person’s routine. It is said to help the skin’s appearance as well drain any fluids that make your face look puffy. The diamond shaped ends will give a deep but not painful massage to face and neck in an easy and gentle way. Yes it looks a tad- erm sex toy-ey. But I think thats also part of the novelty factor here. It’s the perfect tool to finish off your at-home spa pamper day. Be aware that the capillaries on the face can break with too much heavy pressure. So be firm but gentle. ( an oxymoron I know!)

4. Liberex Water flosser £34.99 on Amazon here (not an affiliate link)

No you’re not seeing this wrong. I’ve included a dental product in a beauty list. But let’s be honest- all the sculpted jawlines and smooth skin will be nothing if you’ve got manky teeth. And flossing is often missed- due to it being uncomfortable. Bleeding gums are the No1 cause of decayed teeth. Ergo a water flosser. This is reasonably priced and is available on Amazon. You get 5 tips for all the family should you want to share- totally hygienic as it doesn’t actually come into any contact with your mouth. You can choose the different modes you want to use. These modes are varying levels of pressure. And you can see this on their OLED display. One charge lasts a good month. And just in case you went too hard, or don’t know when to stop, It has a built in 2 minute timer to shut off and prevent damage. Oh and my dentist husband totally approves of this.

5. Nomostache kits from £6.50 on Cult Beauty here (not an affliate link)

Created to help you break-up with your waxist, No Mo-Stache was founded by fashion executive Gita Vasseghi who wanted to make hair removal as easy (and ouchless!) as possible. Messless and virtually effortless, the quick, ‘pre-waxed’ strips can be warmed with the heat of your hands and then used to help neaten your brows, upper lip or bikini line. Catering for all your depilatory desires, these strips will ensure that you’re always equipped for the briefest encounter (or unforeseen clinch).

They come in cute tins and are pre cut to save time. It provides the cleanest DIY waxing I’ve ever done, and the Face Shaver is sharp but not so sharp that your face will come out looking like a war zone.

6. Blumbody Wrinkle Smoothing kits from £14.97 on Amazon here (not an affliate link)

Blumbody Face Smoothing Patches

Blumbody creates these silicone patches that can adhere to skin (no adhesive needed it works on suction) They claim to be an alternative to filler. I happen to disagree. Where I think they are a real hero is in helping you to train your face muscles to relax- like frowning or squinting at a screen, or if you generally have an expressive face. This however is a long term thing and you need to take pictures of before and after ( giving yourself a window of 3 months)

Now I don’t have any wrinkles ( I know! it sucks to be me) so I saw very minimal results. But this is not a bad thing- I’ve since bought and sent a few to a mate. She tried these and loves them. She’s a huge fan and has already reordered them twice over!

So why am I recommending them when they are not for me? Cos I have a very expressive face and so I use them as a preventative measure. Also they are really fun during Zoom calls. I have to say that you need to manage your expectations. I cannot and will not state this enough- Nothing topically applied, be it that £9 million face cream or even this can work to erase expression lines or sunken hollows like Botox and filler do. What this does do-and does very well is help relax muscles- ie forehead. And so when I’ve got this on- it stops me from frowning and interestingly that actually kills that annoyance and anger completely too. So for a calmer and smoother you- I’d say get this. Also they have a 45 day and 100% of your money back guarantee!

7. Lightstim for wrinkles from £199 from Currentbody here (not an affliate link)

LightStim delivers light energy in a similar way plants absorb light energy from the sun. Each LightStim device uses different wavelengths, or colors of light. LightStim for Wrinkles provides rejuvenating wavelengths of light energy to treat fine lines and wrinkles. Over time by using Lightstim you can help to recapture a plump, youthful appearance.

 I’ve used this for 30 days straight and then now use it twice a week. I’ve noticed a few dark spots look a bit faded. But if you have melasma I’d probably stay clear as some heat and light can also affect it.

I have really enjoyed compiling this list, and I’d really love to know your thoughts, what are you buying for you and yours? Do let me know in comments- love Lav xx

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