My relationship with Bioderma started just like everyone else’s…Sensabio( CALLED CREALINE EARLIER) Crealine Micellar water was smuggled by a good friend ( she paid for it don’t worry- just stating how it felt like a covert operation) from France…

Sensitised skin guide… a cautionary tale.

You heard it here, I wrote about my dry, parched rhino hide of a skin last year in 2018. This year I’m writing about how my skin is so sensitive. I’ve also suffixed my post saying, that its a cautionary tale. It is. In my enthusiasm to blog about skincare, in my quest to find that next holy grail… I did a few things wrong. Badly wrong. Here are the top 5 skin mistakes that I made. Please don’t do what I did.

Mental Health and the brown blogger- Bloguary Day 2

Why specifically the Ethnic asian community? Mental Health seems to be word of 2018/2019. But…it seems to have evaded ethnic cultures and this isn’t an oversight šŸ˜¦ . This is why I thought that I’d focus specifically on this; The Asian/ brown community and Mental Health. Ever seen an ethnic person open up about feelingContinue reading “Mental Health and the brown blogger- Bloguary Day 2”

GUEST BLOG “Sunscreens- Where science meets skincare; (boring) STUFF that you should really know”

So… before I pass the baton onto our guest blogger,Ā Alkistis Klapsinou who has kindly agreed to write about one of our favourite topics: Sunscreens, this apart from our mutual love of Gin and hatred of cod science really got us chatting on a forum we are both a part of…I can hand on heart tellContinue reading “GUEST BLOG “Sunscreens- Where science meets skincare; (boring) STUFF that you should really know””