Disclosure and PR Policy


I’m a big believer in honesty and transparency so I always disclose here and on social media whenever I haven’t purchased the products I’m reviewing, or if I profit from the post somehow.

Here are the different categories of posts:


These are sent to me by either the brand or their PR company. If I don’t get paid other than with free product, I will disclose that these are samples at the bottom of the post.

I do not review anywhere near everything that I get sent, only products that I have personally used and think are worth writing about unless otherwise noted. I always share my honest opinions.

On social media, this is disclosed with the phrases “PR sample” or “gifted”.

(My take on free product and bias, take it or leave it as you will:

While getting free products is pretty awesome and cuts down on the cost of running a beauty blog significantly, I don’t believe it influences my opinion significantly. At this point in my blogging life, I have more than enough products to last me several lifetimes. So hypothetically, if I don’t like a product and give it a dishonestly good review, I’d just get sent more of a product I don’t like and don’t need and takes up space in my life. On the other hand if I like a product, then I would possibly benefit from giving it a good review… which would be my honest opinion anyway. By this logic, my reviews still end up having the right general sentiment either way.

However, it’s worth noting that if a brand does send me product, it is much more likely to be featured than a product I seek out myself. Practically speaking I am more likely to have it in the forefront of my mind when creating content. This is pretty unavoidable.

I am also generally impressed when a brand is willing to offer up their product for science-backed scrutiny, rather than send it to someone with less strict standards.)


This is when I’m paid money to write a post. When this happens, this will be disclosed at the top of the blog post, as well as at the bottom.

I’m lucky to be in a position where I don’t rely on my blog as my main source of income, so I treasure my readers’ trust more than the extra money, and I’m very choosy with my collaborations in terms of their scientific backing, interest for my readers and whether I would recommend them regardless. The brands I’ve worked with so far have understood this, and have advised me to give my honest opinion. I’m not sure I’d work with a brand who tried to put words in my mouth.

On social media, this is disclosed as “sponsored” or “ad”.


This blog occasionally contains affiliate links, which I disclose at the bottom of the blog post. This means when you click on certain links to Amazon or other online stores, or type in my code to purchase something, I get a small percentage in commission. You won’t be charged any extra.

The funds help cover the costs of running Elle Melle, such as a hosting, design, getting someone to fix my blog when I break the code, buying new white paper to put under products for photos, buying a better photo backdrop because mine is kind of rubbish etc.

If you make a purchase using my link, thank you! I really appreciate your support.


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