Lav in red lipstick… woah! So here’s my story-


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Hiya, that’s how I greet the world. (I think Hiya might actually be my middle name) anyway as usual I digress…I’m  Lav , I’m a West Yorkshire lass who has been living ‘oop North for a long while. Hence my smattering of y’awright and luv throughout my speech. I do have a day job that involves a lot of pen pushing, full time parenthood ( is there any other kind?) and I throw in walks with my yellow Lab Angus too. ( though that is often me dragging him off the sofa than the other way ’round) 

Why my Blog?

I have been interested in beauty and fashion ever since I was a toddler. In fact my mum still relishes telling the story of how as a two year old, I made my grandad walk up and down the high street in our little village in search of a particular pair of red shoes . Cut to 38 years later, I am still looking for my ideal red lipstick, red coat, red boots… you get the drift. ( PS: The two year old me never found those red shoes 😦 )

Before I started this blog a year ago, I think I chewed off the ear of everyone I knew. Either wittering on about skincare, or asking about lipsticks that suit brown girls, you get the drill. It’s only recently though that I’ve found the outlet for my passion for skincare, makeup, style, travel, lifestyle, social media and this blog. So I write from the heart, with a little help from my friends occasionally.  

You’ll find posts on this blog ranging from the best moisturisersnude eyeshadows, to travel tips for parents or ruminations on turning 39.( Now nearing 42,eeeep!)

As a 41 year old POC/ BME or whatever the term is for us these days… I do however think that the beauty and fashion industry vastly under caters for us. Whether its my age, gender, size and/or colour. This is why I do believe that my voice needs to be on the table and this is what I want to address in my chats and will blog about. Having said this, I don’t just talk about race disparity as I want my space to be ageless, genderless, raceless and prejudice free…so, it’s basically for everyone.  

When I’m not blogging, running or instgramming 🙂 you can find me obsessively strolling through the online aisles of Cult beauty or reading a gazillion books( on any subject) I also have a secret ( well now, not so secret) addiction to the Real Housewives series. I find them so much fun, especially the last few episodes where they air out their dirty (Agent Provocateur)  lingerie on the sofa to Andy Cohen; the series host. I’m a Real Housewives superfan.

Another little tidbit about me- I taught Zumba for 5 years and still enjoy a good boogie whenever I hear some great Latino music. I have zero embarrassment factor, which totally embarrasses my 10 year olds ( oh did I forget to mention? I have a pair of twins- a boy and a girl) You will hear me talking about them often , I’m a proud momma…but sssh don’t tell them that. 

I have so much to say, but I can talk forever, but I’m told I’m also a great listener:  do drop me a line, an email, a comment…I always love to hear from other beauty  makeup junkies, wellness warriors, book fanatics, lifestyle lovers, parent bloggers, and fashionistas like myself- Love Elle xx

Elle bringing out the inner child

If you are a brand and think my narrative fits in with your ethos

I’m PR friendly, and would love to do brand collaborations, I have worked with brands like Murad, Drunk Elephant, Mortar & Pestle, Pixi, Clinique, Kiehls, Belenos, CBDifferently, Evy Technology Benton,  Code Beauty and Jacques of London and please do drop me an email at and let’s have a chat.  Kind regards Lav x

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