Seven things you DO NOT NEED to pack for a weekend away- lé beauté edition

Apologies for a blog hiatus, I’ve been travelling…I have been active on Instagram though and I’d love for you see my daily exploits. You don’t need an Instagram account (though it would be handy) all you have to do is search for @itsellemelle .

Back to subject at hand…Yes you read it right, the title says it all.

The Primer dupe that shook me!

Smashbox photo Finish Primer Water ( 116ml for £22, 30ml for £12) vs Primark PS…Primer Water (150ml for £2)wait let me digest this, a bottle thats 5 times the size of its smallest size and is 1/11th the price of it’s biggest size? Shade range: It’s a transparent water based spray so it’s a universal shade.Continue reading “The Primer dupe that shook me!”

Sunscreens what we should all know, now!

Sunscreens, this apart from our mutual love of Gin and hatred of cod science really got us chatting on a forum we are both a part of…I can hand on heart tell you this- what Alkistis doesn’t know about sunscreens or skincare for that matter, really isn’t worth knowing…

The Happiest Foundation in the world…Meet Benefit’s Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation

Price: It retails for £25.50 for 30ml  (but I’ve seen it on Allbeauty for £22.50, there’s also the cutest travel sized version which retails for £7.65 for 6ml  on Allbeauty ) Shade range:  12 shades ! Which is not very good; Benefit, we live in a post Fenty world and would love more shades so thatContinue reading “The Happiest Foundation in the world…Meet Benefit’s Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation”